Patient Advocacy and Savings

At TrueCare Pharmacy, we advocate for our patients always. Constantly pursuing the potential of your health and wellness experience.

Savings and Promotions

Your health experience should not just be accessible, but also affordable. We have developed several saving programs and promotions to accommodate those patients who have a high deductible insurance plan or none at all. Several of our prescriptions listed are paired with corresponding coupons we negotiated with the manufacturer on behalf of our patients. Since everything we do is to create a better health experience for you. These coupons are constantly updated so check back if you don’t see yours listed below:

180-Day Medication Price List

Save Time. Save Money. Personalized Service. 



Our unparalleled pharmacy services are personalized and custom to your needs.
Demonstrating a commitment to your care is what drives us daily. Every aspect of your wellness
is always accounted for.


Combining customer service and convenience, we work around your schedule so you will never have to worry about not having time to pick up prescriptions. Whether you’re in the office or at home, we ensure our patients get what they need, exactly where they need it. Our free delivery service is offered throughout Concord, and Cabarrus County during normal pharmacy hours.


We prioritize our patients’ mobility. TrueCare Pharmacy guarantees high performing lift chairs, wheelchairs, transport chairs, rollators, transport bath chairs, and bath chairs so you always feel in control of your capabilities. We understand and empathize with your medical conditions/illnesses and want you to feel safe and strong in your environment. Our equipment is available for rent or purchase online.

Medicare Consultation and Information

It can be difficult to navigate Medicare on your own, so TrueCare Pharmacy makes it a priority to be available for expert advice whenever you may need it. We will sit down and go over the packages and plans to ensure you are getting one that best meets your financial and health needs. Regardless of where you are in your Medicare journey, we will be your advisor because we care about educating our customers.

Adherence Rx Package

At TrueCare Pharmacy, we offer a simple, easy solution to taking your medicine as prescribed. Adherence Rx packaging organizes your medications into individual multi-med pouches. You no longer will risk the potential of mixing meds or taking incorrect dosage amounts. The medication name, day of the week, date, and time of administration are there to help you follow the medication guidelines on-the-go or at home.

Health and Consultation

Investing in health is your decision, but as your partner, TrueCare Pharmacy is here to walk you through what that may look like for you personally. We offer one-on-one consultations for 30 or 60-minute intervals to evaluate what you need to succeed in every aspect. Together we will uncover your personalized health plan including the right medications, diet, exercise routine, and on-going communication and appointment schedules to suit your health standard.


Vaccinations are an essential way to protect you and your family from serious illnesses. We have always aimed to create a high standard of health for our community’s families, which is why we have access to some of the most sought after vaccines with trained professionals specifically dedicated to administering and answering any questions you have. All of our vaccines are available upon request.

Caregiver Support

As medical capabilities advance, many family members have taken on the caregiver role. Regardless of the circumstance within your family, TrueCare Pharmacy aims to support and educate you on how to improve the quality of life for your loved ones. We personalize long-term solutions to fit your standard of living – creating a comfortable new normal for you and your loved ones.