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Patient cash price is $49.99 (includes live telehealth consult via phone + vitals check at the pharmacy).

For each appointment – Pharmacy paid $15, telehealth fee is $30, and MakoRx admin fee is $5.

Here is the patient flow we envision using pharmacies:

  1. Patient books a Virtual Urgent Care appointment on MakoRxCareConnect.com at a participating pharmacy.

  2. Patient goes into the pharmacy to check in for their Virtual Urgent Care appointment.

  3. Pharmacy staff will check patient’s blood pressure, temp, and heart rate.

  4. Pharmacy staff writes vitals on a test result card and gives it to the patient.

  5. After checking in at pharmacy, patient receives an email link to complete the telehealth form to register and answer a few screening questions, patient will input vitals from test result card into telehealth form.

  6. Telehealth provider will call patient (within 20 mins after completing registration form) to complete virtual urgent care visit + sends script to the pharmacy if needed.

  7. Patient picks up medicine and heads home

Patients will be required to go to the pharmacy to check in for their Virtual Urgent Care visit. We want to differentiate this service from all the other telehealth options available out there and tie the visit to the pharmacy to ensure the prescription is sent to your pharmacy (if needed) as well.

Additionally, we want telehealth team to know they have an option for the patient to go into the pharmacy for any in-person testing if needed.

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Cough, Cold + Flu Symptoms, Skin Rash, Muscle/Joint pain, Upset Stomach, Ear/Sinus/Eye infections, Bacterial Vaginosis/Yeast infection, Seasonal allergies, Heartburn,  Constipation, Nausea/Vomiting/Diarrhea, Headaches, Pink Eye/Stye.

All existing Care Connect pharmacies will offer this service, unless you tell us otherwise.

Take patient blood pressure, heart rate, and temp for these visits”

For medical emergencies, please call 911 immediately.

Virtual Urgent Care, Flu A/B, Strep, and UTI testing!